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Matt Aitchison

Napa | Wealth, Wine, and Dine

Napa | Wealth, Wine, and Dine

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Are you ready to take your real estate investment and financial portfolio to the next level while enjoying a hospitality and networking experience unlike any other?

Experience the breathtaking beauty of world renowned Napa Valley, while enjoying a full day of one-on-one consulting, food pairings, wine tastings, and estate tours with none other than Matty A. and Ryan Breedwell!

This immersive experience will showcase the rich culture of Napa Valley, one of the world's premier wine regions, where you'll indulge in the finest wines, spirits, and gourmet cuisine. You will get exclusive access to some of the world's most sought-after wineries and vineyards, while enjoying a priceless consulting experience that surely won't disappoint. 


What To Expect:

Red Carpet VIP Tour of Napa

This VIP tour of Napa is truly a unique and luxurious way to experience the world-renowned Napa Valley wine region that you couldn’t buy commercially even if you tried. The tour begins with private transportation in a luxury vehicle, ensuring plenty of time for masterminds and that you arrive at your destinations in style and comfort. Guests will have the opportunity to visit some of the most prestigious and renowned wineries in the area, many of which are not typically open to the public. These wineries are known for their exceptional wines, world-class hospitality, chef specialties, private wine caves, and guests will have the chance to taste and tour exclusive and highly-rated wines that are only available to VIP guests of this experience.

Unforgettable Farm To Fork Dining

Napa Valley is a food lover's paradise, known for its world-renowned farm-to-fork dining experiences and you’re going to get just that. Imagine sitting down to a meal made entirely of locally-sourced ingredients, picked at the peak of freshness and prepared by one of the best chefs in the valley. This is that type of experience. The flavors will be bold and robust, showcasing the natural terrain of the region. The multi-course menu will be handcrafted for the occasion where chef-selected farm-fresh ingredients curate a culinary excellence that will make for an unforgettable dining experience. Whether you're a foodie, a wine connoisseur, or someone who simply enjoys great company and conversation over a meal, this is one experience that checks all the boxes.

Clarity, Accountability, & Action Plan

In addition to all the world-classhospitality that will be enjoyed throughout the day, this experience is designed to give you massive value and direct feedback around taking your life and business to the next level! With that in mind, the experience will consist of REI strategy, business-building discussions, lifestyle design, and wealth planning to ensure you leave with clarity around the road map which best suits achieving your goals. With clarity, a plan, and accountability to tie it all together, unlocking the next level of your wealth and success becomes has just become that much more inevitable.



How long does the experience last?

The experience will go from 12pm - 10pm on the mutually agreed upon experience date. You will then stay overnight at the provided lodging location and may leave at any point up to checkout time the next day. Should time or circumstances permit, a breakfast meeting the next day before everyone departs is an option but must be confirmed ahead of time (not guaranteed).

Is transportation provided?

Transportation will be provided from the starting point of the experience which will begin at a location in Napa Valley. From there out, you will have luxury transportation provided for the duration of the Wealth, Wine, and Dine Experience to ensure a day of travel in comfort, safety, and plenty of time for focused masterminding.  

Are there any age or fitness requirements?

You must be 21 years of age at a minimum to participate in the event. If you are not 21 or older, there are other experience options available for those under 21.


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