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eloop City 17-Inch Laptop Backpack - Water Resistant Ultra Tough

eloop City 17-Inch Laptop Backpack - Water Resistant Ultra Tough

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Introducing the eloop City B1: The world's most versatile hand stitched tech and traveler backpack for active movers. Our designers and engineers spent over two years studying people who get things done. The result? A backpack that is as versatile as you are.

Made with Mifo in mind, this nearly indestructible bag comes complete with a tech pocket sized to fit the O5 Plus, O5 Professional, and O7 charging case and accessories.

Key Features:

  • 3D-reinforced structure that holds a sleek shape no matter what. Reinforced tech fabric helps maintain shape and protect gear whilst on the move, with secured pockets for everything.
  • Waterproof shell made of high tensile material that repels water without relying on coatings that can wear off over time. Waterproof is in the City B1's DNA.
  • Theft proof security pocket to ensure valuables stay with you at all times while remaining easily accessible for payment, security checks, and more.
  • Room to spare with storage for large 17" laptops (diagonal screen measurement), large format tablets, power banks, and much more. Inner lined and secured pockets keeps gear stowed tightly and safely. Won't scratch or damage sensitive gear.
  • Lifetime guarantee because the City B1 backpack is built to last! If it ever fails, we'll take it back.


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